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Women And Code

Women And Code is a JavaScript learning group for women* in Vienna that takes place every second week.
We also offer intensive workshops and Hackathons to complement our bi-weekly events.

Join us if you're:

  • thrilled to learn something new
  • interested in coding/programming
  • excited about UI/UX and front-end development
  • eager to learn how to talk to the developers in your company

The first events are for beginners, but feel free to join as a mentor if you want to connect to other amazing people in Vienna!

Our lessons

  • The lessons will be held in English and are organized as collaborative, interactive learning groups - instead of teacher-centered instruction lectures (Frontalvortrag). We don't teach, we'll help you learn!
  • Participation is free but you need to reserve your seat with a 9 EUR deposit which will be transferred back on show-up. If you like, you can also donate this reservation fee or another amount.
  • Please bring your own laptop!

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Our next events

HTML/CSS Workshops in 2019

We're offering intensive workshops about "Introduction to HTML/CSS" (Basic Web Development) - each 4 hours classroom courses.

Our HTML and CSS course gives you an overview about basic web development and front-end programming techniques.
We'll take a deep dive into HTML coding and CSS webpage styling.

These workshops are part of the Business Riot Series event series of our partners Business Riot ❤

These new intensive courses are .. well... intensive and extensive. Please bring your laptop and a curious mind!

Next Dates

We're going to offer 6 different workshops in Vienna in 2019 - soon to be announced!

Past Workshops

Introduction to Web Development (HTML/CSS) 23.11.2018 - Pictures

JavaScript Learning Group

We meet every second week in the evening on 10 different events during a semester. At the end of each semester we will create reference portfolio projects at a HACKATHON.

First Batch: Winter Semester

We will offer lesson 1 and all of the following lessons at all events in separate groups.
If you missed one event (or more) you will be able to continue your lessons without missing one!

Kick-off Event 18.09.2018- Pictures
Event II 02.10.2018 - Pictures
Event III 16.10.2018 - Pictures
Event IV 30.10.2018 - Pictures
Event V 13.11.2018 - Pictures
Event VI 27.11.2018 - Pictures
Event VII 11.12.2018
- Winter Break -
Event VIII 8.1.2019
Event IX 22.1.2019
Event X 5.2.2019
All day HACKATHON 9.2.2019
- Semester Break -

Problems to register or event full?

Hackathon 9.2.2019

At the end of our fruitful semester we want to celebrate - and how to better do that than with a HACKATHON? :)
A Hackathon is a full-day event where people - in our case women*, sorry boys ;) - create their own projects in small groups during the course of a day.
Hint: These projects can be used by YOU as portfolio projects if you're looking for a job!

You don't necessarily need to have programming experience to participate - you can also participate in a project as creator, UX/UI/graphic designer, copywriter, creative, organizer, analyst, mentor, and the like.

This event will start at 9:00 and end at 19:00 with presentations and a party. Schedule and details

Register For Free

Our 10th and for the Winter Semester last class will take place on 5.2.2019. We will start a new batch on 5.3.2019

Second Batch: Summer Semester

Starting 5.3.2019

Our Mission

It is important to inspire women to excel in technology

Diversity is very important for healthy networks, work relationships and our society in general. As positive role models we want to inspire other women to join the field of software engineering.

We want to have an impact on our city

A new non-profit feminist network and meetup/event-series brings more women into tech and encourages women to help other women.

We want to empower women through solidarity, ideas, impulses, network, support, coaching, and sharing knowledge, time and space.


Why should I join?

It is a great opportunity for you if you are working in marketing, design, or a business collaborating with developers, or if you are thinking about a career change in order to become independent and make more money. Tech is especially perfect for (single) mums!

How is teaching women different to teaching men or mixed classes?

Teaching a women-only class is in many aspects different to teaching mixed classes, especially when teaching programming. On the one hand you could have gender bias from a male instructor and on the other hand having even just one male student in class changes the whole group dynamic in the classroom. Some women suddenly don't dare to ask questions. With Women And Code we want to offer an open, inclusive, and non-threatening environment for women to learn.

How do you define 'women'?

The term 'woman' includes people of all colors, shapes, and ages, including but not limited to cis fem, inter, bi, trans, girlies and grannies, tomboys and the like.
Our courses are suitable for attendees from the age of 18 years on.

The event is full, where is the waiting list?

If the event is fully booked and you missed your spot, please join our meetup-group and we will inform you when a spot opens up.
You can try catching a seat by checking on meetup.com again on the DAY of the event because some people may cancel.

Also feel free to register for the next available event - you will always be able to start with lesson 1 or continue with your following lessons.

How much does it cost?

Participation at our JavaScript learning group every other week is for free but you need to reserve your seat with a 9 EUR deposit which will be transferred back on show-up. If you like, you can also donate this reservation fee or another amount.

I can't come, do I get a refund?

To reserve your seat you need to pay a reservation fee. You'll get the money back through Meetup.com if you cancel 14 days in advance. After that there is no refund possible. Thanks for your understanding! ♥
We kindly ask you to cancel your seat if you cannot come since many really want to come to our events and we have limited seats. Thank you!

You can also check the refund policy of meetup.com

Do you offer childcare?

Please contact us prior to the event so we can arrange childcare for you!

I don't like pizza / I eat vegan

In case you don't like pizza 🍕 or have a special diet such as vegan, gluten-free, low carb, slow carb, paleo, fruitarian, low sodium, etc etc ...
you're welcome to bring some food pot-luck style to our events!

Code Of Conduct

Summary: Our events are a harassment free zone. Please be respectful and nice!

Find: Enforcers && contact

I like your project, how can I help?

First of all: Thank you!
And second: You can help us by sharing our events! Alumni students will also get the chance to mentor new students.

Sponsors and Partners

Sponsors and Partners

Chatbots Agency
Business Riot
Wiener Unart
Developer Circle Vienna, by Facebook
Sorority Vienna
sba research



Women And Code Founders

Women And Code Founders


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